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James F. Huntington, PsyD, MA, BA

James F. Huntington, PsyD, MA, BA

Do you readily bounce back from whatever life throws at you? Or do you find you could improve your day-to-day functioning in these essential areas:

• Your physiological and emotional responses to stress

• Your thinking style

• Your sense of purpose in life

I'm Dr. James Huntington, and with my Structured Resilience Assessment™(SRA), I can help fortify your skills in managing your physiological and emotional well-being and gaining more joy from life. Resilient individuals typically possess a “growth mindset.” They are constantly learning through their interactions with others and the world. They are usually goal directed, with a strong sense of purpose, and they believe their actions matter. They also develop good interpersonal skills for managing relationships, even the toughest ones.

This website is designed to help you to evaluate your resilience and whether you need resiliency training. Here we describe the basic structures of the training program and how I can customize it in light of your personal needs.

I hope you'll browse the site and, if you have any questions, please call me at (202) 683-6983 or by email at drhuntington@huntingtonresiliency.com.