What Is Resiliency Training?

Evidence-Based Resiliency Training is a short-term, individualized psychotherapy and resiliency-skills training program designed to improve your life.

Scientific research over more than 50 years has shown us that resilient individuals—people who readily bounce back from difficult conditions—possess three personal or “internal” traits:  

  1.  Physiological and emotional “regulation.”

  2.  A positive way of thinking.

  3.  A sense of purpose and meaning. (Resilient individuals find meaning in their lives. Research evidence shows how people with purpose score higher on objective measures of happiness and well being.)

While resilient individuals are typically strong in all three of these attributes, your own resilience is shaped by your unique core character traits and strengths. Using my Structured Resilience Assessment™(SRA), which examines how you function across the three factors of personal resilience, I will create a resiliency training plan customized to fit your particular needs, personality strengths, and traits.