Resiliency Training Programs

Getting Started

Our work together begins with my Structured Resilience Assessment™ (SRA) so we can learn how you function across the three factors of personal resilience. Then I will create a Resiliency Training Program customized to fit your particular needs, personality strengths, and other traits.

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Individualized Resiliency Training (IRT)

IRT is a short-term (about 4 – 8 sessions) psychotherapy and resiliency skills training program designed to improve problem solving and quality of life. IRT can improve anxiety, depression, relationships, and feelings of purposelessness. It also improves managing the busy and stressful nature of everyday living. Using my Structured Resilience Assessment™ (SRA), I assess internal factors of resilience to target the areas that will have the most impact. I also work with you on your core personality strengths and interests. Research indicates that resiliency manifests differently based on unique personality traits and life circumstances. Providing training in specific techniques from the three main areas of resiliency research, I will help you build your resilience, empowering you to live a more joyful, meaningful life.   

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Men’s Resiliency Group (MRG)

We all have problems to deal with and experience stress. The MRG is designed for men to build resilience in a group context. The group approach provides connections, acceptance, and multiple sources of feedback. This discussion group focuses on improving participants’ personal coping and problem solving skills, then sharing those they have found most useful and effective. I provide ongoing instruction in specific techniques from the three main areas of resiliency. 

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College-Bound Resiliency Training Course (CBRT)

This four-session course on resiliency skills training is designed for high school juniors and seniors and new college students. It includes psycho-education and skills training in key aspects of resilience related specifically to college life (e.g., coping with intense academic pressures, developing sharper interpersonal awareness and decision making skills, and fostering psychological maturity to handle more independence). I've had the opportunity to launch myriad college students successfully. By assessing core character traits, strengths, and interests, I can help you (or your college-bound teen) acquire greater resilience for a successful college career.  

To learn more about evidence-based resiliency training, visit the Resources section with links and downloadable pdfs for articles, scholarly research, books, presentations, and organizations working in the field. You'll find information on my fees, insurance, and required forms here.